Year 1999,  Medical Care Service was established, occupying a corner inside the Sanko Soflan Company’s office.

And now, we have grown into a company operating more than 270 Group Home facilities with Care Service facilities.

In 1999, Japan was already entering the period of the deeply greying society.

At that time, I was pondering for several days what I could do for society afflicted with aging.

Then, I heard this word from a landowner client of Sanko Soflan:

I’ve been living in this neighborhood for a long time.
So, from now on, I’m planning to dedicate the rest of my life in doing something for this neighborhood.

My aspiration was to do something for society, while the landowner’s was for the local community. Combining these two things in mind, I made the decision to operate nursing home facilities.

In our research prior to establishing a nursing home facility, we found out that many families are beset by the burden of taking care of a family member suffering from dementia and facilities offering nursing care services for such people are dismally insufficient.

We also found out that the burden of caring for a person suffering from dementia is many times heavier than the normal care service.

Dementia requires a high level of care specialty, and standardizing the knowhow is difficult, so many entrepreneurs shun the enterprise. Aware as I was of the obstacles, I entered the nursing care business in year 2000, the same year the  Public Nursing Care Insurance Law was revised (allowing anyone to enter the nursing care business industry)

Then, after a year of preparation subsequent to the establishment of the company, our first group home facility was opened in June 2001 in Okigawa City, Saitama Prefecture.

More than 10 years later, the company has become bigger, but my aspiration has never changed.

From here on, I keep the same aspiration in my heart to give my wholehearted support to sufferers of dementia and their families, as well as to landowners who support us in operating the nursing home facilities.


Message from the Board of Directors

Japan has the power to change care service system

Nursing care business is one of the businesses in domestic industry who have a very low prospect to have a market expansion.
The shortage of care workers in the future and the lack of financial support to the system contributed to the problem, although, there are more other problems.
If there is effective nursing care, surely, the future will be changed. Citizen’s power will change the nursing care system, and the industry’s power will change Japan.
Power to the elderly people and to Japan.
Our nursing care service has just to began. Nursing care has the power to change Japan.

Let the professionals do the NURSUNG,
What the family can give is LOVE.

Through nursing, we shape love
Through nursing, we fulfill dreams

By promoting a lot of cooperation and collaboration within the community, it is our goal to become a company needed by the community.