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We aim to become the number one company in Japan in terms of overflowing smile, appreciation and gratitude.

‘Aged Society’ has become a byword in this society. There are about twenty nine million people aged 65 and above. We are now in a generation wherein 1 in every 4 persons is an elderly.

In the midst of the ever-lengthening old age, the reality of nursing care is looming larger and has become one of the big unavoidable issues of the day.

It has been 10 years since the implementation of the Nursing Care Insurance System. Of the 4.9 million people who are beneficiaries of Long-Term Care Need Certification, two million are said to be suffering from dementia. Fifteen years hence, 7.5 million are projected to avail themselves of long-term care, 3.2 million of whom suffer from dementia.

Nursing a person suffering from dementia is especially difficult, besetting many families. Worse, the present reality is that there are few nursing care facilities and medical institutions that offer proper  care to sufferers of dementia.

As important as nursing care for dementia may be, the work is just too much to handle.  The present situation is that we are able to deal with only a limited part of the problem.

Since our company’s establishment, we’ve been focusing our sight on how to deal with this bleak future. From our first group home in 2001, we have decided to specialize in dementia care.

We want to build a place brimming with love, where people who are suffering from dementia are wrapped in smile and human touch. Together, we want to live a life becoming of each individual.

With this goal in our heart, we’ve been expanding our circle all over Japan these past 10 years, but we realize we’ve barely just begun. More than ever, we feel the need to realize this goal.

We intend to continue confronting the issue of dementia care head-on. Through pioneering activities related to dementia, we aim to establish ourselves as the leading company in dementia care that is true to its name in terms of reliability and specialization.

“Information Service” that requires correct understanding of, and “Preventive Activities” that forestall the onset of dementia. “Provision of Care” that is close to the heart, friendly, appropriate and specialized. Building of a society in which the elderly suffering from dementia can have a bright and peaceful life by strengthening our ties with the medical field and supporting research to alleviate dementia. These are just some of the areas that we have been putting our efforts into.

But there are limits to what one company can do by itself. Dementia care requires cooperation from the whole society, from the local community and neighborhood. Dementia care can only be realized with everyone’s support from the heart.

For our nationwide endeavors to become the original source that will resonate to the local community, touch a common chord with society as a whole, and make possible the construction of a peaceful and livable society, we completely pour ourselves onto this task with a profound sense of mission.

The dementia sufferer is not “special”. Neither does he or she need a “special lifestyle.”

Nonetheless, in their otherwise normal life, each one needs a little bit of kindness, consideration and understanding.

As a bridge towards the realization of those dreams, our company will continue to engage itself in the task of helping every one achieve the life becoming of him or her.

And we want all the people who are with us in this to be always smiling, appreciative and grateful. We want to be a “heart organization” that gives love with warmth and affection.

We aim to become the number one company in Japan in terms of overflowing smile, appreciation and gratitude.